Series: Making $10,000 with Dropshipping in 120 days | Day 5: Chill Learnin’

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Analysis paralysis, go die.

There is a level of balance that is nowhere near an equal split between the exchange of action and planning.

Doesn’t seem like anyone can make a final consensus on this either.

Whether we complain about the people who don’t do any planning at all or vouch for the time exchange that planning will save on time, there is a point where there is only so much “knowledge” that’s relevant.

With a goal like this, not really much time to dwell on the proper way to move forward as being book smart is no substitute for action. Thank God I learned that at some point, although painfully slow.

There are a few ways to approach obtaining the skills to do some email copywriting. At this point, I’m more trying to appease my own confidence in my abilities before pursuing clients, because, you know, let’s not perpetuate this whole talking the talk vs. walking the walk when we see current freelancers.

Nothing is more disheartening than learning the competence of a freelancer is just based entirely on a free course and a few portfolio pieces. But, alas, we need clients.

Right now, we’ve got a certificate, which doesn’t mean much other than a simple test of knowledge. Now, we’ve got to move on towards some real examples, examples past the idealism that we’ll find lessons like, “effective tips for efficient emails.” and see what actually works in the real world and apply what we’ve learned from the Hubspot course. More often than not, these “lessons” don’t really consider the context of current events nor does it consider the specifics of the audience we are specifically targeting.

Until then! For anyone interested, I’m going to be dumping all I’m learning during this process into notecards, which you’ll find here: Notecards

Today was a bit of a personal day, was catching up with a good friend.

Tomorrow, find valuable emails that worked, apply knowledge, and onto the next until we get to a comfortable spot in our knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less.

Clients need some emails done!




A simple observer of the nuances of life, just trying to understand as much as I can.

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Chris Hoskins

Chris Hoskins

A simple observer of the nuances of life, just trying to understand as much as I can.

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