Since the start of the internet, there has been an overabundance of information.

Whether you’re searching for a solution to a pesky problem in your life, without fail, you’ll find an answer.

Despite an answer to every seeming question, why does each person still struggle with the impermanence of these solutions?

Why aren’t we all living in this idyllic lifestyle, where our problems can be solved by putting in the effort and applying the necessary lessons?

Our ‘problems’ can be severely underplayed.

To avoid satiating our ego, we downplay our uniqueness, to offer a humbling outlook to our lives. To strive for the difference will most likely exile you from the majority of normative crowds. But, this philosophical approach doesn’t substitute for the mechanics of problem-solving.

What we may be embracing is a generalization of the uniqueness of our problems. A complete contradiction.

Each life or each person, for that matter, may share the same fundamental resources.

We all experience the same emotions. Being sad sucks, literally, and misery can be crushing to the soul. Yet, the problems we may suffer from can be an infinite mix of circumstances.

The combination of this overabundance of information and our downplaying of the uniqueness of our problems makes the deception of displayed success all the more tantalizing.

If we believe this idea that our problems aren’t unique to ourselves, then we will mostly attribute the obstacles to our dreams to be a flaw in character.

We can witness the joy of one person achieving their dreams. Their dreams can be dangerously similar to ours and if you’re unfortunate enough they’ll even outline the process they took to get there.

When the fateful day arrives, we follow these routines which we have deemed as the path that will lead us towards that lifestyle we’ve always wanted, but it simply dissipates in time. Our motivation wanes. We can chalk it off as a lack of willpower or a lack of commitment and try again. Put the cycle on repeat and we’ve eventually got a forgotten goal.

Ironically, our understanding of success, especially if it comes from the content of social media, will just be the results. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

When looking back at your own achievements, can you really recollect each painstaking detail, each decision you've made that eventually caused the result you desired? Now, in front of a camera, can you recollect with clarity that you now think? Can you piece those memories in chronological order? Even if you’ve written this down, can you recall the honest memory? Unless you’re a product of genetic experimentation, I’ll lean on the side of skepticism.

The pursuit of a better life should ultimately be an enjoyable experience.

What we may find enjoyable and how we can make the process work for ourselves is a problem only we can solve. Nobody is going to know that twinkies with cold brew are your ultimate guilty pleasure. Nobody else will know that this will be the motivational carrot on a stick that will get you to productively act.

Don’t be dissuaded by all the already existing successes. Anything you’re trying to achieve will most likely be accomplished by someone a fraction of your age. It is the entire world that your directly comparing yourself to, now with the existence of the internet.


The internet has made success deceptively simple. What we see is the aftermath of thousands of decisions, most we make subconsciously.

Don’t accept any advice blindly and only adopt changes that will positively affect the circumstances of your current life.

To grow should be a positive experience filled gamifying your own pleasures. Motivate yourself using the only person who knows how, you.

The Question

What is one thing that would motivate you to work for at least one hour? Put your comments down below!

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